Plan# 259 Expander Plan – 1930’s Fuel tanker 1:120 Scale

Aschisworkshop’s expander plan #259, the Vintage Truck Tanker, extends your fleet of charming 1:120 scale vintage vehicles. This plan is an expansion of plan #230, the Vintage Tow Truck, meaning you must first acquire plan #230 to proceed. Once in possession of both plans, woodworking enthusiasts can delve deeper into the 1930s aesthetic. With its retro design, the Vintage Truck Tanker plan offers realism and character from a bygone era.

Famous for clarity and ease for novices and experts alike, Aschi’s Workshop plans provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring a smooth build. Crafted by hand, each plan exudes authenticity, capturing the essence of the vehicles they represent.

Following Aschi’s instructions and using plan #230 as a base, enthusiasts can bring the Vintage Truck Tanker to life with remarkable authenticity and style. Aschi’s Workshop empowers builders to create impressive models that evoke admiration and nostalgia, making woodworking a satisfying and enriching experience.


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