Code 237 Tuff Truck Series; 1:20 Scale. TOW TRUCKER EXPANDER PLAN!


If you have bought and built the Tuff Truck Series Tow Truck plan #230, this new plan will show you how to create a Dual Diff Road Tractor from that original plan, plus three different Tandem Axle Trailers! 

That’s awesome value from one expander plan. But please note, you must have already purchased the Tow Truck Plan before you can buy and use this expander. We know that is common sense but some people struggle to understand it 🙂

Build these new versions as special gifts, as they are sturdy enough to be played with by children for generations to come … or detail them and create your own scratch-built models to grace your mantelpiece, shelf or man-cave.

Like every Aschi’s Workshop offering, detailed drawings and templates are in the plan for an easy build.

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