Code 287 Corrugated Box Trailer – 2 in 1 Plan

Plan # 287 Corrugated Box Trailer – 2 in 1 Plan

Use this plan to build a 28 foot and 40 foot trailer at 1:27 scale!    2 size trailers from 1 Plan.

Corrugated sheeting has been used for big rig trailers in the past and is still used today by many trailer manufacturers. The corrugated metal sheets on the sides of the trailer, reduces the need for heavy frame work. Less weight in construction means more payload can be carried.

Our two models which can be built from this plan to scale, represent an older style 27ft box trailer and a more modern 40ft box trailer. We also show you how to create this authentic looking, specialised model trailer without spending endless time making the corrugated sheets.


Like all of our Aschis Workshop plans, it is easy to build, but you still create something that does not look easy to build!

Designed to fit Scale 1:27 Road Tractors – PLEASE NOTE: The prime movers shown on the images are just as an illustration only. This plan DOES NOT INCLUDE plans for the prime mover/tractors.


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