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Code 202: MEGA TRIPLE PLAN – Tuff Truck, Lowboy Trailer & Dumper + BONUS

A special offer: Plan #202 Heavy Haulage Set. 3 plans in one.

All Tuff Truck Series 1:20. All easy to build. All sturdy to be played with and all based on the real thing.

Plan  #149 is the 18-wheeler with C.O.E. tractor, 26” (680mm) long. A good start to build a fleet.
Plan # 111. A Heavy-Duty Dumper. Articulated and working tipper, perfect for earthmoving
Plan #151. A massive 3-axle Lowboy with 2-axle Dolly. AND a Big Pipe Transport Trailer with Dolly.
PLUS –  FREE plan! … A little Yard Refueling Station for the MINI series trucker.

All this in one plan, was $24 now just $19

Build your own working fleet for heavy duty work and play!
Tuff Truck Series –  scale is 1:20 and it all fits to the road tractor from the 10-wheeler plan.


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