#625 Three Road Tractor Plans with BONUS ACCESSORIES

Build three different Road Tractors from one awesome plan!

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of creation? Now you can build not one, not two, but three powerhouse Road Tractors that will dominate any highway. Enjoy the fun as you create these beasts, each boasting a stunning combination of realistic features.

With a long wheelbase for unparalleled stability, an extended frame to accommodate all the power you can handle, and a lowered cabin for that sleek, intimidating look, these Road Tractors are not just machines; they are works of art. Don’t forget the long-range fuel tanks that ensure you never have to cut your adventures short, and those massive exhaust pipes that roar with power, asserting their dominance on the road.

These are not just your average tractors—they are Show Trucks that demand attention wherever they go. Their design, inspired by the 600 Easy Toy series plans, ensures a simple build of tough models that can withstand even the roughest of play in the sandpit.

But we’re not content with just stopping there. As a bonus for your enthusiasm and passion, Aschi is now including an incredible FREE Accessory plan that’s valued at $4, absolutely free of charge! 

Get ready to take your build to the next level with this bonus supplementary plan, teaching you how to create stunning accessories to further enhance your masterpiece. From a stylish Wind Deflector that adds that extra edge, to Mudflaps and Fenders that scream rugged elegance, and Headlights that illuminate your path to glory, every detail counts in making these creations truly your own. OK so we might be over-selling it, but seriously, it’s a great offer!

The a total length is a big 14″ (38cm). 

Unleash your creativity, explore the limitless possibilities, and build better toys with Aschi’s Workshop plans.


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