#555 Car Carrier Truck – Mini Series

Rev up your creativity with the Aschi’s Mini Car Carrier from the iconic era of the 1950’s!

Dive into the joy of crafting a remarkably realistic model, meticulously detailed, yet surprisingly easy to bring to life. Designed for beginners and experienced wood workers, with Aschi’s Workshop guiding your way, the journey of building this masterpiece becomes an adventure in itself!

The Car Carrier makes a great toy or display piece! Imagine the fun of having a single diff tractor, coupled with a trailer boasting a movable ramp, perfectly designed to transport cherished matchbox-sized cars. Every inch of this 12” (30.5cm) long Truck with trailer is crafted to ensure it’s not just a display piece, but a robust companion for those exhilarating playtimes!

Being a “Mini Series” model, the woodworking plan is specifically designed with Aschi’s clever techniques that make the beginner look like a pro!

Embrace the true essence of the era with Aschi’s unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring that every build is a faithful representation of the real thing.


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