#539 Chemical Tanker (Tank Wagen)

Ignite your creative spark with Aschi’s Realistic model Chemical Tanker (Tank Wagen)!

Enjoy crafting a remarkably realistic model, meticulously detailed, yet easily brought to life by beginners and master-craftsmen! Aschi’s Workshop plan will guide your way, so the journey of building this masterpiece becomes an adventure!

This detailed replica highlights the specialised design of a chemical transport vehicle, emphasising safety in hazardous material transportation.

Indulge your passion for modeling and explore the intricacies of this unique Chemical Truck Carrier. Assemble, admire, and display a symbol of precision engineering that pays homage to the commitment to safety in the transportation of hazardous materials.

Aschi’s Mini Series plans are quite special. They are designed so even novices with basic tools can create something extraordinary out of wood.

Our comprehensive but simple plans help you to produce fantastic toys, designed especially for those with limited experience and those expert woodworkers who want to build a quality toy fast.


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