Plan# 512 Authentic Toy-Model of Western Australian Iron Ore Road Train. CHECK OUT THE DETAIL

Immerse yourself in the world of Western Australian Iron Ore with our Authentic Toy-Model Road Train. Unleash your inner explorer and witness the intricate details in this comprehensive Play Set featuring a Truck, Semi, and two 6-axle Dog-Trailers, all designed to mimic the real ones.

Marvel at the realism of side-tipping trailers that closely resemble their full-sized counterparts. The set includes detailed drawings and full-size patterns, ensuring that constructing this remarkable plan is a breeze.

Upon completion, the Truck, Semitrailer, and two Dog-Trailers (as shown in the photo) measure an impressive 33 inches (85cm) in length—truly the world’s biggest little truck! Don’t miss the chance to own this extraordinary piece that captures the essence of Western Australian Iron Ore transport in exquisite detail. Explore the art of craftsmanship and bring the rugged beauty of the outback into your hands with this remarkable playset.

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