Plan# 510 Sand Mining MINI Series. This is a complete Play Set of Trucks, Trailers and a Loader

Introducing the Sand Mining MINI Series—an extraordinary Play Set that packs a punch in value and ease of construction! Unleash your creativity with this comprehensive plan featuring Trucks, Trailers, and a Loader—all in one super value package.

Crafted for simplicity without compromising on detail, the Sand Mining MINI Series is perfect for both beginners and master craftsmen. The included detailed drawings and full-size patterns make building a breeze, ensuring that you can bring this miniature world to life easily.

The Truck, measuring a compact 5 ½ inches (14cm) in length, serves as the perfect starting point for your miniature fleet. But why stop there? Expand your creation by building a Road-Train, simply by adding more trailers.

Join the league of satisfied builders who have marveled at the results achieved with our Mini Series plans. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned craftsman, this playset promises a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Elevate your modeling skills with the Sand Mining MINI Series—where ease of construction meets outstanding results!


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