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Build 3 Vintage Delivery Trucks from the early 1930’s. These are superb models to build for showcase or as rugged toys for play.

Build them as special gifts, sturdy enough to be played with by children for generations to come … or detail them and create your own scratch-built models to grace your mantelpiece, shelf or man-cave.

The trucks are about 9” (22cm) long.   Like every Aschi’s Workshop offering, detailed drawings and templates are in the plan for an easy build.

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This is a great little toy plane to bring joy to the heart of any child!

When building this model all you will need is whatever you have handy – a jig-saw, band-saw or handsaw – easy peasy.

You will find building this toy is quick and easy, for all parts there are templates so just cut it, sand it lightly all over and dry-fit before glue assembling.