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Plan# 226 Tandem Axle Lime Spreader and Truck mounted Lime Spreader. DOUBLE PLAN BONUS BUY!

Series Code: #226 Model Series – Scale 1:27 – Tandem Axle Lime Spreader & Truck Mounted Spreader

Build 2 different types of farm equipment (a trailer and a truck) from one plan. Builds up a great farm truck with the lime spreader attached and you can also make a separate trailer-style lime spreader with tandem bogeys, to hook up to your tractor. In fact it is scaled to suit any vehicle in the 1:27 range.
Please note, the tractor IS NOT included, to be purchased separatly, all ractors in Scale 1:27 fit.
Up to 9″ (24cm) long. Trailer hooks up to all Scale 1:27 Farm Tractors.

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