Plan# 167 Caterpillar Tractor – Tuff Truck Series

Tuff Truck Series Code #167:
The Super Dozer is a close-to-scale version of a generic caterpillar tractor. 

Fellow woodworkers, meet the Super Dozer! A faithful replica of the mighty caterpillar tractor, this plan boasts fully functional tracks that you can create with just your basic woodworking skills and tools.

No need for fancy equipment; just your passion and craftsmanship. The magic lies in its simplicity. Experience the fun of shaping the tracks, bringing to life a realistic mechanism that’s rare in the woodworking world of plans.

Let the Super Dozer be your inspiration, your chance to showcase your skills. With every cut, every join, revel in the joy of creating something extraordinary from the ordinary. Unleash your creativity and let this project be your masterpiece.


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