Plan 912 The Kommissbrot – A Little Car from 1925

Aschi’s Plan # 912  The “Kommissbrot“ –  famous HANOMAG 2/10
Sturdy, quick and easy to build, it’s another of Aschi’s scroll saw series.  7 inches (18cm) long.

The first Hanomag 2/10 car was not even 4ft wide and 8ft long, built in 1925, called Kommissbrot. The name ‘Kommissbrot’ sounds exotic to English-speaking people, actually comes from the shape of the car . . . It looked like a military bread tin!

There were two versions of the standard car, one with a solid top and spoked wheels, plus a sporty version, open topped with disk wheels. 

It was an icon in its time on the European roads and a cute model as well!  

So get your bandsaw ready and let’s build a model of this motoring icon in scale 1:16.


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