Plan# 918 Little Cars from the 1920s with BONUS!

Aschi’s Plan # 918 “Little Cars from the 1920’s” is a quick and easy build!
One plan gives you the details for five different wooden toy car plans. All in the same style are designed to be built specially, using a scroll saw or small band saw. Using different coloured woods to create unique looks or paint them to represent your fave car! Build all five and develop your own suite of vehicles. Then stand back and watch the kids’ imagination come alive… or de orate your own curio cabinet with models you detailed yourself!
Sturdy, quick and easy to build, it’s another of Aschi’s scroll saw series.  4 inches (10cm) long.
Every purchase of this plan scores you our bonus plan 920 “PLANES OF THE 1920’s!”
Build an authentic model plane from the same era, for no extra.
One of the most popular US AIR MAIL airplanes, the DH4 as sturdy and easy to build toy model.
Wingspan: 9” (22cm).

The scale of the Airplane is the same as the MINI series trucks.
To make building even easier, this all comes with WORKSHOP TIP #9 which shows an simple way to create Stagger Wings for toy models.

Don’t miss this amazing value BONUS PACK that gives you the means to build a fantastic collection of toys and models to last the ages!





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