Plan# 917 Fairey Rotodyne

This plan is a tribute to the bygone era of experimental aeroplanes of the 1950’s and 60’s. At the time, many aeroplane designers came up with weird and wonderful aviation concepts. One of the quirkiest standouts was the British-built Fairey ROTODYNE, a 40 seat cross between a plane and a helicopter. The rotor was used primarily for vertical takeoff and landing. The two Napier Elan engines gave the Rotodyne a cruising speed of around 300kph. Only one prototype was built and its first flight was on 6 November 1957.

This 15 page plan builds a striking model and is comparable in skill and simplicity with the truck plans in our very popular MINI SERIES. Step by step instructions and many half and full-size drawings are to be used as templates. This makes it possible for nearly every woodworker to build something unique and special as a display model or a toy.

The rotor blade is 14” (36cm)
Fuselage is 12” (30cm) long.


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