Code #184: Heavy Lift Helicopter

Here is something quite special!
Our Heavy Lift Helicopter
looks fantastic and is simple to build.

Based on the famous American Heavy Lift Helicopter used for lifting electric power towers, bush firefighting, rescue missions in wilderness and mountains…. The list is endless for the action of this kind of helicopter and when you need one, nothing else can fit the bill.

This toy-model is ideal for simulating the action of the real thing. The big box can be loaded with lots of small things and then hooked up to the helicopter for reality play. Wheels are turning, main rotor and tail rotor are spinning… a real action toy.

This is a real action toy or model, with spinning rotor blades and wheels that turn for real-life play and fun. Imagine the look on your child or grandchild’s face when they see this big beauty you made for them!

 Approximately 15 ½” (40cm) in length.  Quick + Easy to build, sturdy construction.


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