Mini Series

Wooden Toy Plans - Fun and Easy to Build for the beginner and the expert wanting great models fast!

Model Wooden Toy Plans – Easy Mini Series

“Whaaa . . . did YOU really build that?”

Aschi’s Mini Series plans are quite special. They are designed so even novices with basic tools can create something extraordinary out of wood. 

Our comprehensive but simple plans help you to produce fantastic toys, designed especially for those with limited experience and those expert woodworkers who want to build a quality toy fast.

Your family and friends will be amazed with your craftsmanship and creativity using our Mini Series Wooden Toy plans.  

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Build the iconic American Twin 28ft. Road Train, often seen with 3 trailers. Create the Cab Over Engine tractor and single axle dolly.
One of our “Mini Series” Plans, designed so that beginners and pro’s can get a great result and realistic model.
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