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Expand your fleet and build this 2-axle Low Loader trailer

Hook it up to the tractors from the 600 series.
Easy to build, designed for tough play, an accurate replica of a 40 ton trailer.

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Build three different Road Tractors from one awesome plan! Various features include:
  • Long wheel base
  • Extended frame
  • Lowered cabin
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Massive exhaust pipes
These beasts are real Show Trucks! Being 600 Easy Toy series plans, they are simple to build and able to handle rough play in the sandpit. BUT NOW THERE IS MORE! Since we launched this great plan, Aschi decided to add even more value with a FREE Accessory plan valued at $4, for no extra. Purchase this plan and you receive an additional plan that will show you how to make accessories to jazz up your build. These include a Wind Deflector, Mudflaps, Fenders and Headlights. Length 14” (38cm). Build better toys with Aschi’s Workshop plans!

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Build the iconic American Twin 28ft. Road Train, often seen with 3 trailers. Create the Cab Over Engine tractor and single axle dolly.
One of our “Mini Series” Plans, designed so that beginners and pro’s can get a great result and realistic model.
A big truck needs a big bonus
. . . so buy this plan, we’ll give you 2 more to build accessories for no extra.

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If you are going to build our version of the iconic American Twin 28ft. Road Train, this plan is part of our BIG BONUS!
Buy plan #560 and, we will give you this extra plan #561 which enables you to build another version of the tractor . . . a dual axle variant.

#562 MINI SERIES BONUS PLAN when u buy #560

BUT YES THERE IS MORE! We will also give you this extra plan #562 which enables you to convert the trailers to a modern style with trailer side skirts.

Create a wonderful masterpiece in wood, for the children in your life. This is where cherished memories of a childhood toy begin!

Build a superb scale model wooden truck, tractor, train and much more using Aschi’s original and exclusive model plans with only basic woodworking tools. Aschi’s Workshop has developed a reputation for producing the best wooden toy and model plans in the world. When it comes to detail, clever techniques and quality, nothing comes close to a genuine Aschi’s Workshop wooden toy plan.

Easy Does It!

Whatever your skill level, Aschi’s plans have been fine-tuned so everybody interested in wood working can build a treasured heirloom.

No Need for Expensive Tools!

Check out the special series of wooden toy plans designed exclusively for a scroll-saw and simple woodworking tools. 

Build a scale Masterpiece in wood!

Many of Aschi’s wooden plan are actually scale models which many woodworkers enjoy building and detailing up to create amazing collectables.

Aschi’s Workshop has created toys and model plans in three different scales, to cater for the experienced and the beginner wooden toy or model builder.

Hobbyists and enthusiasts from around the world, love the quality, ease of build and value of the wooden toy plans from Aschi’s Workshop.
You will too!

Please note: You can only buy an Aschi’s Workshop Plan from this site ~ Don’t fall for scams on other sites.


Thanks for this free plan from

I made one for my son and he really loved it!!

Lester R

from Chile

G’Day Peter,
Bought the “Hooded Road Tractor” plans when my son Alfred was around 2 1/2 yrs old, with the intention of building a truck and a couple of trailers for him.
3yrs later, he and I undertook the project together! Below is the result – your plans made the project very easy (completed over the past month) not bad for the 1st attempt! Look forward to building the rest of the fleet!

Tyson H

from Dalby, Australia

I took the time and built bottle trucks from your templates. It was a very exciting job. Once again, many thanks to you for the templates. I am sending you photos of the results of my work. I wish you good health and all the best.

Andrew G

Feed a child’s imagination with a toy which provides all the detail, noise and working parts to keep them interested in a real toy – made from the heart!

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Build toys that your grandchildren will give to their grandchildren!

100% original plans and 100% trustworthy as demonstrated by over 15 years of satisfied customers.

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Don’t fall for the “60,000 plans for free” con, only the true Aschi’s Workshop, makes and sells top quality wooden toy and model plans!

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