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Model Boat Plans
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Code 189:
Buy this plan and build a great model of a famous Cape Cod Lighthouse.
Learn a simple and clever way to make the windows, doors and roof.

Over 10" (260mm) high
Code 101:
A very easy to build and attractive Pushboat with barges typically used to move grain and gravel through protected waters. Perfect for those rainy days to play on the carpet.
21" (540mm) in length.
Code 102:
A top favourite for any carpet based maritime harbour is the Lighthouse and very simple to build. 8½" (210mm) high.
Harbour Tug
Code 103:
The Harbour Tug is the real workhorse of the world's harbours and always a top favourite with kids of all ages. 8" (200mm) in length.
Island Steamer
Code 104:
The island nations of the vast oceans often depend on the versatile and hard working Island Steamer to handle the important trade with the outside world. 13" (330mm) long
Old Cargo Steamer
Code 105:
The grand old days of the Old Cargo Steamer are still here with this superb example of nautical history for your child's carpet or sandpit. 23" (600mm) long.
Big Cargo Ship
Code 106:
For really serious movement of bulk goods through the oceans of the home, we have the Big Cargo Ship. An impressive addition to the home fleet. 25"(640mm) in length.
Island Trader
Code 107:
The Island Trader is indispensable in the housebound inter-island community for shipping vehicles across the deep waters of the broadloom. 11" (280mm)
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