Creative Expression through Embroidery

How to get professional results from home!


My wife Enid Aschenbrenner-Webb is well known in the Sewing Machine Embroidery Industry and has taught in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
She has had pieces published in various magazines with the latest being in Edition 23 of the” Creative Expressions Magazine”.

The pictures from this latest Magazine are included here, as well a copy of the certificate she received for a cloth displayed in a recent Husqvarna Viking Convention in the USA.

Just for fun Enid has done some quick projects using pictures of models from my website,  Aschi’s Workshop.
A short explanation of how these were done is included.

For the cushion with the truck on it I have used the” Inkjet Printable Fabric” you can buy. Enid printed out a picture of the truck onto the fabric and then sewed around the outlines to enhance the picture.
For the Cushion with the train on it she used “T-Shirt Transfer Paper” with this you print the picture onto the special paper and then iron it onto your chosen piece of fabric.
For the tractor picture in the frame Enid printed the picture straight onto Canvas Inkjet Printing 100% cotton and this gives a Photo Quality colour with a matte finish.
The idea behind these cushion ideas was to show that you can easily make a project using the pictures from the website, they could then compliment the actual piece that had been made by Dad/Grandad.

Sailing into the Future!

More of Enid's masterful artwork in the home