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Tuff Truck Series Code 194 :
The ubiquitous fork lift, found in every warehouse and the mechanical backbone of the supply industry. The tyne go up and down just like the real thing, but that's the type of attention to detail you can expect from and Aschi's Workshop plan.
Tuff Truck Series Code 192 :
Front-end Loader 11" (28cm) long. Justy like the real thing, this model lifts and turns, the body is articulated to get into the trickiest corner of the sand pile. Easy to build and a brilliant model, click the thumbnail to see a larger and different angle.
Tuff Truck Series Code 111:
A really serious earthmoving vehicle is the Articulated Dumper which will thrill the budding road construction builder in the family. 16" (400mm) long.
Road Roller
Code 112:
To put the final finish on that road construction and make for well packed highway, the articulated Road Roller is an absolute must. Just like the real thing! 9" (230mm) long Scale = 1:18
Tuff Truck Series Code 115:
To move dirt, sand and rubble, this Dozer gets stuck into the heavy duty action with his moving blade. Any construction builder will be happy to have this kind of heavy equipment right on hand. The Dozer has a Tow Hitch to pull the Vibro Roller or other equipment.

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Tuff Truck Series Code 116:
When compacting new roads, the Vibro Roller is the right equipment to use. Towed from a dozer, it makes the surface smooth and sturdy, ready for the laying of bitumen.
Tuff Truck Series Code 120:
For those smaller jobs around the construction site, the Skid Steer Loader is a necessity. With it’s miniature, moving bucket, sand is swiftly carried away with ease to the required destination.

Scale Series Code 132:
This cute little Old Diesel Roller looks good on any building place or loaded on the Beavertail Lowboy. 120mm (4 1/2") in length

Tuff Truck Series Code 145:
When the ground is soft, the 8-Wheel Skid Steer Tipper is the right equipment to use.
A sturdy  model, easy to build.
Tuff Truck Series Code 160:
Aschi’s Workshop has built a scale model of this exciting Diesel Road Roller.
Again, like all models from Aschi’s Workshop, based on the real thing, scaled down for the Tuff Truck series, sturdy and easy to build is 9” (230mm) long.
Tuff Truck Series Code 167:
The Super Dozer is a close-to-scale version of a generic caterpillar tractor. The amazing feature of this plan is the full working caterpillar tracks which you make! No special tools required and they can be made with basic woodworking knowledge. Nothing comes close to matching the realism with such simplicity in the woodworking world.
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